Client Story: Gerry’s Glass

Gerry Barone founded Gerry’s Glass in the late 1970s, and has big designs on the family business continuing for many years to come.

“My wife works here, my daughter works here, my son works here,” Gerry said. “My son has been here for 13 years and is ready to take over what I started. We are proud to keep this business in the family.”

But the realities of rising labor costs and compliance was threatening Gerry’s dream. The business, based out of two workshops in Sydney’s inner west, supplies an enviable portfolio of high profile commercial clients with glass products such as mirrors, windows and screens.

“If we kept going the same medieval way, we would’ve gone out of business. We’ve been around 41 years, but to survive you have to stay ahead of the pack and this machine has seen us do that,” Gerry said.

The machine Gerry is referring to is the CMS Brembana. Purchased from Unimac in 2018, it has proven a Godsend.

“Instead of taking 25 minutes and four workers to cut a shower screen, it now takes nine minutes and one worker,” Gerry revealed.

“That’s a huge saving for us and we haven’t laid anyone off. The workers who were cutting glass the old way, which always carried the risk of scratches and damages, are now doing other things.

“If we didn’t have this machine, we would have been left behind. The labour involved with the old way was killing us.”

But the investment in new technology would be significantly compromised without a commitment to top rate after-sales service.

“There’s no doubt Unimac have gone the extra mile to ensure the machines are working as well as possible, for as long as possible,” Gerry said.

“Their response time and attention to our needs is exactly what we require, being in a business where supply constantly needs to meet demand.”

Gerry initially had a different machine in mind when he decided to upgrade in late 2017. But conversations with Unimac representatives at a trade show in Italy that year changed his mind.

“Unimac put together a very attractive proposal,” Gerry said. “Let’s not kid ourselves – these machines are a big investment for any business to make. But Unimac worked hard to give us the best deal.

“We’ve been so happy with the machine, we are now looking at getting rid of all our previous technology and getting another one to do the work.”

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