Client Story: Utick

John Bryant, director of furniture manufacturer Utick, gives a blunt self-assessment.

“I’m not backward in coming forwards,” he says.

And when it comes to shaping and cutting wooden materials, Mr Bryant has always been clear about what he wants.

“I’ve been chasing the best technology for decades,” he says. “And the beauty of the Woodtron is that it’s such a reliable and consistent machine.

“When I bought my first machine, the decision wasn’t about whether or not to invest. It was whether to buy one or two. I now own three.”

With its factory based on the NSW Central Coast, Utick purchased three Woodtron machines from Unimac within 18 months.

“It’s changed our whole production system and the big positive for us is that we can now take on more work with confidence,” Mr Bryant says.

“It’s not good business for us to say ‘No’ to clients when they need work done. These machines give us the assurance that it will get done.”

Mr Bryant had enjoyed a 20-year association with Unimac sales director, Steve Hoareeau, before purchasing his first Woodtron unit.

“It’s not just about how good the machine is, it’s about the back up,” he said.

“There’s a lot of money on the line if one of the machines goes down. Luckily, Unimac appreciates and understands how our business is affected and go the extra mile when it comes to service.

“It got to the point that when we had the machine installed the guys were here all weekend – Saturday and Sunday. We just gave them the keys to the factory and they stayed there until it was done.”

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