Client Story: Nover & Co

It had been two years since Nover & Co, a large-scale joinery supplier in Sydney’s west, made a significant investment in machinery.

“We basically sell to a lot of businesses that would use CNC technology,” said Nover’s managing director, Steve Cowley.

“However, not all of them can afford it. So it made sense for us to add value to our offerings with a machine – the Woodtron 3618 Advance Auto LB with Automatic Labelling Nesting Cell – that could pre-fabricate panels and also add premium finishings.

“We’ve found the Woodtron handles all of that superbly.”

Mr Cowley was guided to Unimac Machinery via a referral in 2017.

“The sales process was painless. Steve (Hoareau) is very experienced and knows his stuff. The price was right and the machine he recommended was perfect for our business.”

Mr Cowley oversees an enterprise that now boasts 11 locations across Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

With that in mind, he appreciates a supplier capable of removing any unnecessary concerns and hassles that are synonymous with anything but excellent after-sales service.

“If Unimac can’t fix something through advice over the phone, they will attend our head office as quickly as possible,” Mr Cowley said.

“If there were problems with the machine; any issues with it being offline for an extended period . . . I would know about it.

“And thankfully that has never been the case.”

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